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Spiritual Waterways is a proudly owned and operated Aboriginal business where we believe strongly in closing the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people through the use of traditional means: story telling, language, sharing knowledges, healing and simply standing together.

Aerial View of Surfers


Our cultural practices are very much alive to this day and our people have a strong connection to country in Newcastle, NSW. Our home has been Carrington ('Onebygamba' - our language) for many generations. Our bloodline runs strong through the waterways & land of this area, with our customs still practised through the spiritual connection of our ancestors.


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Aunty Theresa is a proud Elder of the Newcastle Worimi Community and is a Spiritual Healer. 

As a traditional custodian of our sacred home, Aunty Theresa stands to teach our next generations L.O.R.E and Dreaming of humanity.  

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